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The Silver Cord
27 November
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I learned to crochet less than a year ago and it has quickly become a passion. I'm a writer at heart, but all forms of craft are what keep me busy on a day to day basis. I love all things interesting and beautiful and eclectic, and I like to make a little bit of everything.
When I first started working with my hands, it was jewelry that drew me into the crafting world. Since then I've moved on to fiber arts, but I still have a love for jewelry and all things that sparkle. I've tried to join these two great loves into something truly unique. A pair of crochet earrings dripping with Swarovski crystals, or a dream catcher with turquoise nuggets and crochet leaves; these are typical of my daily creations.
All of my work is created with the deep love I have for yarn, crystals and all things beautiful and interesting, and I try to infuse everything with a touch of whimsical magick and spirituality. I spend my days surrounded by books, yarn, cats, crystals, and beads of every kind. Can you imagine a more magical way to live?

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